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Wisdom Teeth 

At about 18 years of age the last molars normally move into the mouth. These are your wisdom teeth. 

If a patient has got enough space to accommodate all his teeth, wisdom teeth are treated like normal molars and are left alone.

If the space is limited however, wisdom teeth should be removed as soon as possible.

Although it is often uncomfortable and patients may suffer for a few days it is worth doing it at a young age to prevent life long suffering.

What are the common problems that may be caused by wisdom teeth?

  • Pain and swelling around the tooth. This is called an acute pericoronitis and means an acute infection of the tissue around the crown. Lymph nodes may be swollen and the patient may experience difficulty opening the mouth.
  • Crowding of anterior teeth. Wisdom teeth that have no space to grow normally may push the lower front teeth together. this is extremely frustration especially after having had braces to get these teeth straight.
  • Chronic infection around the wisdom tooth. This infection affects the whole body and modern research shows that it does play a significant part in arteriosclerosis, heart disease and strokes.

Today many children present with mal-aligned teeth. Long ago this was accepted and very little was done about it.

What is different today about skew teeth?

  • Today teeth can be aligned and straightened with excellent results.
  • Even adults can have their teeth straightened and their smiles enhanced.

In our practice we use the Damon system with the following advantages:

  • Very few extractions.
  • No headgear or palatal expansions.
  • Very few surgical corrections.

Normally braces work as follows:

  • Examination and x-rays, models and digital photographs.
  • Treatment planning and discussion.
  • Initial bonding which takes about 2 hours.
  • Patients will be seen every 8-10 weeks for adjustments.
  • The whole treatment is normally completed in 20-24 months.

Braces today are the start to beautiful straight teeth and a harmonious and attractive face. 

Modern braces are not just about teeth but about the personality of the patient.
The Teeth 

Teenagers today have different teeth to their parents. 

What is different and what can we do to prevent decay?

  • Today's kids grow up with fluoride in their toothpaste. This makes the outer layer of the tooth extremely resistant to cavities.
  • However, the fine cracks called "fissures" on the chewing surface of the tooth may  leak a bit. This is the reason they should be sealed.
  • When a fissure leaks, bacteria may invade the deeper layers of the tooth. Nothing will show on the outside. X-rays will indicate decay after it has happened. Once a cavity is seen it is often a huge defect which has gone right to the nerve of the tooth.
  • Today's decay develops from the inside out and not like long ago from the outside in.
  • In our practice we use laser technology to detect fissures that are leaking. In this way decay is prevented and teeth are monitored on a regular base. 
  • Teenagers are put on a regular "teen-screen" program to keep tabs on the hardness of their teeth.
Teens 12 - 20 Years 

An amazing time in a persons life! Tips to make you smile!

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